Howard McCrary

World Peace Through Inner Peace



 1. It should'a been me

 2. Till I met you

 3. Brazil

 4. Fly me to the moon

 5. On green dolphin street

 6. There's a place for us

 7. Straighten up and fly right

 8. They can't take that away

 9. All the things you are

 10. The nearness of you

 11. When you wish upon a star

 12. Would you?

 13. Since I fell for you


 14. I love you 



 15. You and I are one

 16. If you really want peace

 17. As I close my eyes 

 18. Middle way

 19. Path of peace

 20. Lovely love 

 21. The enlightenment of Dhammakaya 

 22. The Light Of Peace

 23. The Light Of Peace (Joyful)

 24. The Light Of Peace (Dance)

 25. The Legend of The Sun Of Peace  

 26. Universal Love  








 27. Water is life with HKCO 

 28. Three rivers with HKCO 



 29. How great thou art

 30. Lord, I lift your name 

 31. Praise his holy name 


 32. In time  

Composer - Howard McCrary, Maurice White & Arlene Matza

Singer - Earth, Wind & Fire


 "So Good" Album 

 33. So Good

 34. Keep On Shinin'

 35. Mansions Of Glory

 36. Yahweh

 37. Greater Is He

 38. Hold Steady

 39. Sold Out

 40. This Jesus

 41. My Incorruptible Crown

 New Song

 42. Keep A Little Joy Bell In Your Heart

 43. Change The World